Who are we ?

Who are we ?


AFRICORP CONSORTIUM is an African group distinguished by its leadership position on the African continent, thanks to a diversity of businesses supported by high-potential business divisions, ensuring operational excellence in the pan-African market.
It has asserted itself as a key player and occupies a privileged position in both the Moroccan and continental economies. Firmly rooted in Industry & Distribution for over 50 years, notably with its subsidiary Dolidol, which currently operates 7 production units in 5 African countries, AFRICORP Consortium has succeeded in its diversification policy both in terms of sectors and geography. This policy is reflected in the continuous development of its various business divisions across the continent.

To support its diversification policy and development plan, AFRICORP Consortium is accompanied by several renowned financial institutions such as IFC (World Bank), Proparco, EBRD, the English DPI fund, the South African Oppenheimer fund, the Singaporean sovereign fund Temasek, as well as other reference institutional actors.
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AFRICORP INDUSTRY is positioned as the flagship division encompassing all industrial and distribution activities of the group.

L’une des filiales de ce pôle est DOLIDOL, marque N°1 du secteur de la mousse polyuréthane et de la literie au Maroc et en Afrique, qui depuis 50 ans révolutionne l’industrie du sommeil en offrant des produits d’exception. Cette entreprise innovante et visionnaire a su conquérir les cœurs de nombreux clients à la recherche d’un sommeil de qualité.

En 2018, Dolidol a franchi une nouvelle étape dans son développement en ouvrant son capital au fonds d’investissement DPI. Cette décision stratégique a permis l’émergence de nouvelles opportunités, donnant naissance à des entités telles que Dolidol Côte d’Ivoire, MOUKA, Lematelas.com, Dolicen et Bois&Co. Chacune de ces entreprises contribue de manière significative au renforcement de la présence d’AFRICORP sur le marché africain et au-delà.

Chez AFRICORP Industry, notre passion pour l’innovation, notre engagement envers la qualité et notre approche axée sur la satisfaction du client continuent de nous propulser vers de nouveaux sommets. Nous sommes animés par la volonté de continuer à grandir, à nous diversifier et à créer un impact positif dans les communautés que nous servons.

En tant que consortium de métiers au sein d’une holding africaine de premier plan, nous croyons en la puissance de la synergie, de la collaboration et de la vision commune. Notre mission est de continuer à bâtir un avenir prometteur en mettant en valeur le talent et le savoir-faire africains.

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Founded in 1972 by Abdelali Berrada Souni, Dolidol has risen to become a leader in the mattress market in Morocco and Africa, with highly recognized brands.

From the bedding sector to furniture and other key segments such as woodworking and plastic recycling, Dolidol has diversified its offerings over the years to meet the varied needs of its customers while maintaining the excellence that characterizes each of its products.

Development and innovation are at the heart of Dolidol's strategy, which places customer satisfaction at the center of its priorities, aiming to enhance the comfort and well-being of its customers on a daily basis.

Today, thanks to its inspiring vision and the unwavering commitment of its team, Dolidol flourishes on the international stage as a major player in the sector, proudly representing Moroccan bedding and furniture throughout Africa.


Since 1972, Dolidol has been building a relationship of trust with Moroccans by positioning itself as a leader in the furniture and bedding sector in Morocco. Its uncompromising commitment to superior quality, perpetual pursuit of excellence, and philosophy of continuous improvement have earned it a solid reputation over the years.

Today, thanks to the inspiring vision of its founder and the unwavering commitment of its teams, Dolidol flourishes on the international stage as a major player in the sector, proudly representing Moroccan bedding and furniture throughout Africa.

For 50 years, excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction have guided the choices of its founders and teams, making it the company of "passion and ambition recognized today.


Since 2009, Dolidol has been established in an integrated industrial complex dedicated to the production of its various products.

This complex required an investment of 400 million dirhams and covers nearly 25 hectares, with 10 hectares built, covered, and equipped to accommodate production facilities and social amenities. The complex meets the strictest safety standards, ensuring an optimal working environment for all employees.

This new complex has been designed to accommodate a significant 50% increase in production capacity to meet growing demand while ensuring flawless efficiency and quality. The site has also been conceived with flexibility and diversification in mind.

It offers the opportunity to explore new opportunities and introduce complementary activities, thus expanding Dolidol's overall offering.

  • 3 hangars de 17.000 m²
  • Une flotte de 150 camions
  • Surface couverte de 000 m²
  • 1 million sofas produced per year
  • Une surface de 000 m²
  • 20,000 tons of polyurethane foam.
  • Une surface couverte de 9 000 m².
  • Production de feutre et de nappes
  • Production de feutrine pour le secteur automobile.